Gilli Pepper Jewellery

White Gold Onyx and Emerald Pendant


Inspired by an antique watch winder, and incorporating elements of Art Deco patterning,  this 18ct White Gold Onyx and Emerald Pendant was created to commemorate a relationship, using a stone that was bought for an anniversary many years before. The main body of the pendants spins, and the top section is highlighted with tiny diamonds. 

Commission pieces displayed are strictly one-offs, and are not for sale, but are shown as examples of the extensive range of possibilities. Elements of these could be used as inspiration to create your own unique piece. 

Each piece is custom made to order. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for manufacture and delivery. Prices displayed are to be used for a guide only, and will vary depending on your choice of materials and complexity of the design. 


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