About Us


Gilli Pepper Jewellery is born of a love of working with metal to create unique personal treasures. I am inspired by music, symbolism, poetry, and all things that make our lives richer and more connected. I believe jewellery is much more than just adornment, it is a powerful method of self-expression. 
After being creatively drained from working in the traditional commercial jewellery industry for over 25 years, I decided to strike out on my own. Gilli Pepper Jewellery is a rebellion against the norm, a scream of frustration, a middle finger salute to the establishment, and is driven by the desire to work free of pure commercial intent.
Each of the ranges explores themes of love, loss, illness and death, in a way that is meant to be both contemplative and at times irreverent, and can be viewed as an escape into a beautiful fantasy world of dream-like symbolism, an attempt to create meaning in a meaningless world. 
The commission pieces are directed by the customer, and each creation tells a tale. Working closely with each client I want every piece made in the studio to be infused with elements of client's personal story, creating a treasure that will become an heirloom. 
My studio is based in Sydney’s Inner West and appointments can be made to view the ranges and discuss ideas for commission work. If you can’t make it to Sydney, don’t fret, we can also work easily online, (via email, Skype, FB Messenger or any other communication software that takes your fancy) exchanging ideas, sketches and renderings before manufacture is started. "Like" us on Facebook, Follow us on Instragram for the latest updates. Also, check out the Events page for any upcoming showings and exhibitions.